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Sunshine Action visited the Leprosy Centre and sponsored some medical instrument specialized for the operation and leprosy medicines. The Centre cover 250 Leprosy patients.

852-6888 4028sunshine@sunshine-action.org


  •  Nearly 90% of  5 million prevailing leprosy patients in India are neglected by their own families and society.

  • 40 to 50% survive by begging in  streets or roadside, and some who are fortunate enough take shelter in missionaries and NGO run homes.

  • Lack of information about leprosy cure and absence of  hospitals in rural villages many are deprived of proper medications.

852-6888 4028sunshine@sunshine-action.org


**Donation over HKD 100 is tax-deductible in Hong Kong under IRD-No. 91/10271***



耀陽行動沒有政府,香港公益金香港賽馬會的資助,所有100%善款及物資均來自各界的捐助Sunshine Action is NOT subvented by Hong Kong Government or any Government, the Community Chest of HK, neither the Lottery Fund of Jockey Club of HK.

 All 100% funding come from general public only and corporations only. In average, 98% of the food, materials and contribution from Sunshine Action to the are purchased.


852-6888 4028sunshine@sunshine-action.org


Rotary Club of Calcutta Uptown & Country Women's Assoc. of India

Sunshine Action sponsored the first medical camp in with cooperation of Rotary Club of Calcutta Uptown & Country Women's Assoc. of India in Kaoradanga Village, Thana Visnupur-1, District 24 Parganas(S), West Bengal, India, with medicines, vitamins and medical camp to cover 156 patients, including children and adults.

Sunshine Action also sponsor more programs in FEB 2010 to the INDIAN CANCER SOCIETY.

Medicines & vitamins sponsored by Sunshine Action


852-6888 4028sunshine@sunshine-action.org

with Dr. Sheila Rohatgi, organizer of this Medical Camp

Most of the village children are under-weight and today, they all dressed like a 'New Year Festive Day' to see us.





852-6888 4028sunshine@sunshine-action.org

Since 2011, Sunshine Action FREE Medicine for the poor and elderly reached nearly 20'000 cases.

2011年,「耀陽行動」為窮人和老人的免費醫藥品幫助到近20'000 困病人


Sunshine Action is sponsoring free medicine for the poor villagers in Vietnam




SRI LANKA CANCER SOCIETY- Shantha Sevana Hospice for Terminal-ill patients

Situated adjacent to the Society’s Cancer Home at Maharagama, the hospice provides care and solace for those who have been diagnosed as terminally ill with Cancer. The Sri Lanka Cancer Society is a voluntary organization of people working towards relieving Sri Lanka from the devastating effects of the scourge of cancer.

852-6888 4028sunshine@sunshine-action.org

Sunshine Action covered food for 35 terminal-ill Cancer patients & some medical items.



south of Colombo, which began 5 years ago. It’s the brainchild of the Cancer Society. Established in 1996 mainly due to the generosity of well known philanthropist Sohli Captain, Shanthi Sevena provides a heaven for terminally ill victims of cancer who are given care, comfort and relief through palliative treatment, entirely free of charge.


Sunshine Action covered food for 73 Cancer patients under treatment.

852-6888 4028sunshine@sunshine-action.org



Since May 2011, In cooperation with Light of Raphael 仁德之光 Clinic of Chinese Medicine, Sunshine Action is sponsoring FREE Chinese Medicines to the poor patients under social welfare scheme.

危有所濟 病有所醫德蘭修女:愛必須付諸行動,而具體的行動就是服務。」
Mother Teresa, “Love has to be put into action and that action is service.”



In cooperation with Ta Ku Ling Kei Lok Com. Assoc.  打鼓嶺耆樂會社, we are providing free Chinese Medical Consultation and medicine to the poorest elderly twice a week.

CHINA  救人一命勝造七級浮屠

Since 2012, Sunshine Action started sponsorship for operation of poor children and patients with 先天性心臟病 - CONGENITAL HEART DISEASE in China.

Number of children & CHD patients operated : 30






A congenital heart defect (CHD) is a defect in the structure of the heart and great vessels which is present at birth. Many types of heart defects exist, most of which either obstruct blood flow in the heart or vessels near it, or cause blood to flow through the heart in an abnormal pattern. Other defects, such as long QT syndrome, affect the heart's rhythm. Heart defects are among the most common birth defects and are the leading cause of birth defect-related deaths. Approximately 9 people in 1000 are born with a congenital heart defect. Some complex congenital heart defects require medication or surgery.

Most of the time CHD is serious and requires surgery and/or medications. Medications include diuretics, which aid the body in eliminating water, salts, etc... for strengthening the contraction of the heart. This slows the heartbeat and removes some fluid from tissues. Some defects require surgical procedures to restore circulation back to normal and in some cases, multiple surgeries are needed. Interventional cardiology now offers patients minimally invasive alternatives to surgery

852-6888 4028sunshine@sunshine-action.org

Please  support our global medical programs & FREE medicines for the poorest of the poor!!!




Sunshine Action Ltd is only based in Hong Kong & This is the only official Website.

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