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 Sunshine Action is NOT subvented by Hong Kong Government or any Government, Community Chest neither the Jockey Club of HK. All 100% funding come from general public only耀陽行動沒有政府,香港公益金香港賽馬會的資助,所有100%善款及物資均來自各界的捐助

+852 68884028sunshine@sunshine-action.org


    Our programs cover:

              70% Food:  the fund is used to purchase basic food & material and long-term sustainable programs

             10% Building Projects such as water well, toilets, etc...

              5%  Tree Planting & Life giving to the Ocean & Environmental programs 

              15% Daily products & stationery & medical programs & medicines.

+852 68884028sunshine@sunshine-action.org



Sunshine Action main mission on 'Poverty Relief, Emotionally Healing and Love Planet', we would like to provide food & basic material donation to the following priority target:

- 1st Priority :  Poor severely sick patients, such as Cancer, Leprosy and AIDs, mainly patients without capability to help or sustain themselves.
- 2nd Priority : Mentally & physically handicapped, also with low capability or none to sustain themselves.
-3rd Priority:  General poor families, street children, non-land villagers, etc...
-Environmental programs : Plant Trees, fruit trees in every country visited.

-Save the Sea: Promote artificial reef & protected area for marine Life & give life back to the Ocean.





  Donate to 1 organization and helping thousand of people, the planet & the ocean

When you donate to SUNSHINE ACTION, you are actually helping thousands of people through an average of 10-40 organizations at the same time covering a huge variety of target groups from children, homeless, elderly, severely sick, extreme poverty, etc... also, part of the funding will be used on sustainable tree-planting programs in each country covered, plus the fish fry we will release in the ocean around the World. 

幣捐款銀行戶口 For Donation in HKD:

Payee:  SUNSHINE ACTION LTD. 耀陽行動有限公司

Account No.:

Bank Address:  Head Office 1 Garden Road, Hong Kong

BOC Bank Tel: (852)2826-6888

**Donation over HKD 100 is tax-deductible in Hong Kong under IRD-No. 91/10271**捐款HK$100元或以上,可獲香港退稅收據.


+852 68884028sunshine@sunshine-action.org


Local assessment and volunteering

In each areas or target countries, we do direct local assessment through volunteer tours to understand the real situation. In Hong Kong, we do direct assessment through local organizations to reach the needy groups.

+852 68884028sunshine@sunshine-action.org

Country Disaster Emergency Relief & Fund Raising  

As a humanitarian and charitable organization, SUNSHINE ACTION only helps countries to raise funds under the following conditions:
-The country has suffered a NATURAL DISASTER - involving a large number of deaths and/or injuries and widespread destruction.
-100% of the donation will go to the DISASTER EMERGENCY FUND or RELIEF FUND only and shall only be used for charitable purposes, and this is guaranteed by the Country.

Help to low-income families around the World with practical & basic need products

SUNSHINE ACTION supports the low-income families through direct visits and partner with local organizations in mass programs to give products of basic needs, such as rice, packed & canned food, plus daily products. Over 60%of our programs target to benefit Hong Kong population.

+852 68884028sunshine@sunshine-action.org


International volunteering direct tours & Overseas programs

We organize volunteer trips to over 14 countries such as India, Thailand, Mongolia, Nepal, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Chile, Philippines, Malaysia, China, Macau, Cambodia, Vietnam etc.. to experiment local volunteering services and provide food & material supports. We normally visit approx. 3-5 countries per year.



+852 68884028sunshine@sunshine-action.org



Long-term commitment & permanent follow up

Sunshine Action’s mission is a long-term commitment; our goal is to help the peoples in significantly regular basis with permanent growth in the coming years, therefore funding is crucial in the long-term basis. The follow up will done by volunteers and SA permanent core-members together to ensure high transparency and effectiveness.





 The Faith & Commitment.不離不棄不捨的誓言 to serve the poorest, the unwanted, the sick, the hungry, the wounded, the unloved, the thirsty, the homeless...


Sunshine Action Ltd is only based in Hong Kong & This is the only official Website.