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信用咭網上即時 / 每月捐款 Credit Card Online or Monthly Donation

一次性捐款 One off donation

每月定期捐款 Monthly donation

捐款金額港幣 Donation Amount (HK$)
$300                              $500                              $1,000                              $5,000
HK$    其他金額 (由港幣$100起整數至港幣$10,000)
Other Amount (Whole dollar amount from HK$100)

捐款者個人資料 (必須填寫)

Donor Personal Details (All information are mandatory field)

* 稱呼 Salutation
先生/Mr        女士/Ms
* 姓氏 Surname
* 名字 Given Name
* 地址 Address
* 電話 Phone No
* 電郵 Email

捐款收據 Donation Receipt
耀陽行動為香港註冊免稅慈善機構(免稅檔號91/10271),捐款港幣100元或以上可申請退稅收據Sunshine Action is registered as tax-exempted NGO in Hong Kong (IRD#91/10271), donation over HK$100 is eligible to get tax deductible receipt.
請寄回收據給我 Please mail me the donation receipt
不用寄回收據以支持環保 Please do not issue donation receipt and be environmental friendly

* 以上之個人資料絶對保密,並只能在本會監管下及個人私隱保障條例下使用

   The information provided above will be kept confidential, and will only be used in manner    stated in our Privacy & Policies page


      Online Donation is powered by PayDollar


Security capabilities and policy for transmission of payment card details (i.e. SSL, data encrption)

Online payment service is provided by PayDollar. Customers' payment details are securely transmitted to the acquiring bank, card and payment companies for real-time transaction authorisation using Extended Validation Certificates (EV) SSL transaction encryption.


我們提供另外以下 3 項捐款方法:


(1) 支票 : 劃線支票抬頭為 「耀陽行動有限公司」,煩請付上捐款者姓名、聯絡電話以及回郵地址,以便我們寄回捐款收據, 地址 : 癸興 - 華星街8號- 華達工業中心C181802B


      Cheque : Crossed check with payee 'Sunshine Action Ltd.', please attach the donor name, contact telephone and complete address for tax-deductible receipt.

Unit 1802B, 18/floor, Block C, Wah Tat Ind. Centre, No. 8 Wah Sing Street, Kwai Chung,

N.T. Hong Kong


(2) 銀行轉賬 : 閣下可直接轉入捐款到耀陽行動以下的匯豐銀行或中國銀行戶口,入數後需於入數紙上寫上捐款者姓名、電話及回郵地址,傳真至3016 9853 或電郵至 sunshine@sunshine-action.org
Bank transfer : You are welcomed to transfer donation through our HSBC and Bank of China, together with the donor name, contact and mailing address written on the bank in slip, thenfax to us at 3016 9853 or email to sunshine@sunshine-action.org



港幣捐款銀行戶口 For Donation in HKD :

Payee:     SUNSHINE ACTION LTD. 耀陽行動有限公司
Bank:         HSBC Bank, Hong Kong
Account No.: 400-595989-838  


Payee:           SUNSHINE ACTION LTD. 耀陽行動有限公司
Bank:               BANK  OF  CHINA (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Account No.:  

Bank Address:  Head Office 1 Garden Road, Hong Kong

Bank Tel:            (852)-2826-6888



美金捐款銀行戶口 For Overseas Donation in USD :

Payee:           SUNSHINE ACTION LTD. 耀陽行動有限公司
Bank:               HSBC Bank, Hong Kong
Account No.:  400-595989-838 (USD) 

Bank Address:  Head Office 1 Queen's Road - Central Hong Kong

Bank Swift:      HSBCHKHHHKH

Bank Tel:            (852)-2748-8288

***Please make sure to mark (USD) after the Bank Account***


We welcome enterprises to donate the following items:


    • Rice

    • Canned Food

    • Instant Noodles

    • Cooking Oil

    • Juices

    • Sugar & Salt

    • Soft Drinks


    • Detergents

    • Shampoo & Conditioner

    • Face & Moisturizing Cream

    • Toilet Paper & Tissue

    • Notebooks & Stationery

    • Children & Adult's Clothing (new & second hand good condition)

The Faith & Commitment.不離不棄不捨的誓言 to serve the poorest, the unwanted, the sick, the hungry, the wounded, the unloved, the thirsty, the homeless...

Sunshine Action Ltd is only based in Hong Kong & This is the only official Website.