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1 JAN 2018

日行一善  Do Charity Everyday

Haz una obra bondadosa por día

Since 1 JAN 2014, we celebrate SUNSHINE ACTION anniversary




Start your New Year off right, by getting involved with Sunshine Action’s Charity work! SUNSHINE ACTION 耀陽行動 SUNSHINE ACCIÓN was founded on January 1st, 2008, and to celebrate our  anniversary, we would like to invite you to help us, help others.  

Please be a SUNSHINE ACTION 耀陽行動 volunteer for 1 day by creating a charitable deed today around the world & make it happen:

Since 1 Jan 2014, Over 2'088'080 invitees in 38 countries worldwide



- Make a Donation 捐款
of 1 hour/1 day/1 week/1 month or 1% of your income & profit

Donar una hora, un dia, una semana, un mes o 1% de su ganancia

**Donation over HKD 100 is tax-deductible in Hong Kong under IRD-No. 91/10271***


Buy a lunch or dinner box and give to the homeless - 買午餐或晚餐給無家可歸者

Llegar almuerzo o cena a las personas sin hogares

Visit an orphanage home -

Visitar al orfanato

Call someone who need your care since long time ... express your care
Visit the sick in the hospital  
-  醫院看望病人

Visitar a los enfermos en los hospitales... llevales algo, especialmente su amor

Help to build a house for the needy 為有需要人士建房屋

Ayudar en construir casa para los necesitados

Visit the lonely elderly without family 探望沒有親人的孤寡老人

Visitar a los ancianos solteros sin familias

 Clean the wounded -  
清潔受傷病人 sanar los heridos

Save a life by contributing to a CHD Congenital Heart Disease Children Surgery

"救人一命勝造七級浮屠"  -  先天性心臟病兒童

Salvar una vida en contribuir a la cirugía de un niño pobre con Cardiopatía congénita

 Eat vegetarian only this day - 此一天多吃素食 Comes vegetariano por 1 dia

Help a handicapped to clean his home -

Ayudar a los discapacitados en limpiar su hogar

- Cook for someone else who don't have enough food
- Cocinar para los que no tiene comida
- Sponsor a poor child to study -
贊助一個貧窮的孩子讀書 - Patrocinar el estudio de un niño pobre

Sleep 1 hour ealier to save electricity consumption in the world -

Duermete una hora antes para ayudar en disminuir el consumo de energia global


Bring some food to the stray dogs & cats -

Lleves algunas comidas a los perros & gatos abandonados

Give to the beggar
- 捐赠给乞丐 Dar a los mendigos

Please call your parents and wish them health & happiness


Llamar a sus padres donde sea que estan y desearlos SALUD & FELICIDAD

Pray for world's peace
祈禱世界和平 Oren por la Paz Mundial

Save the Sea 生愛海洋 Salvar el Oceano

Give a True HUG to your worst enemy 真心的擁抱你最大的敵人

Abrazar verdaderamente a su peor enemigo

- Plant some Trees to help the environment 種植一些樹木以幫助保護環境

Sembrar algunos árboles para ayudar al medio ambiente

- Do a food drive in your community - 在你的社區做食物捐款

Hacer una colecta de alimentos en su comunidad para los pobres

UNITE the WORLD for friendship 團結世界的友誼 Unir la amistad del MUNDO


If you have done the good deed on 1 JAN,
please send us your picture & story so we can place it here! Thank You

Share this, invite your friends and become a Sunshine Action volunteer for a day

... please send us more ideas, pictures & stories to

By donating just 1 hour or 1 day of your income to Sunshine Action, you can make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate, in Hong Kong and around the world.

**Donation over HKD 100 is tax-deductible in Hong Kong under IRD-No. 91/10271***


To make a difference now, please select the charitable donation option nearest and dearest to your heart.



Sunshine Action Ltd.” - 港幣捐款銀行戶口 For Donation in HKD :

Payee:           SUNSHINE ACTION Ltd.  耀陽行動有限公司


HSBC a/c#400-595989-838

Account No.
:  012-926-1-018415-6

Bank Address:  Head Office 1 Garden Road, Hong Kong

Bank Tel:    (852)-2826-6888

Sunshine Action Ltd is Tax exempted under IRD No.91/10271 for donation over HKD 100.-- 

從  日行一善 變為 "日行善"

SUNSHINE ACTION  耀陽行動有很多的慈善活動這個特殊的日子

請全球華人共享... 願善心長存

SUNSHINE ACTION 耀陽行動  in Hong Kong will celebrate 01 JAN with the following:

2:30 p.m. - SAVE the SEA  生愛海洋 event:   http://www.sunshine-action.org/ourwork/SaveSEA.html
Volunteers must arrive to Sai Kung Pier before 2:15 pm
Activity: '放生' Release some of the over-fished species to HK protected sea space
Request:  Each volunteer need to bear HK$888 for fry cost.
Number of volunteers needed: 12 volunteers max. 


5:30 p.m. : Back to Sham Shui Po - Fu Cheong Shopping Centre
Activity: provide  vegetarian dinner boxes for 100-120 street sleepers.
Request:  We're requesting lots of VEGETARIAN FOOD DONATION
Number of volunteers needed: 18 volunteers max.
 10:00 p.m.:  Please sleep 1 hour earlier to help saving the world electricity consumption & pray for world's peace. 


Wish you a Very Happy New Year!
I am sending some photograph of the Elders and Children’s Programme on the 1st of January to celebrate the 6th Birthday of your Organization.
Congratulations SunShine Action!
May you be able to continue this excellent humanitarian Projects many more years to come. Our programme went off very well there were 35 elders and 25 children who enjoyed the day. We had health clinic by the M.O.H Officers and everyone under went a health checkup and we distributed gift pack of things to the elders and the children and finish off with lunch.

2017, SUNSHINE ACTION  耀陽行動 將繼續服務於在世界各地的窮人中的窮人, 包括分發食品和材料; 繼續我們的長期計劃,如香港可持續的每月糧食計劃; 在香港及越南贈醫施藥; 在印度和其他國家捐贈的麻風病藥物,為殘疾人建廁所和水井在貧窮村莊; 照顧流浪狗和貓; 捐贈食物和毯子給無家可歸的露宿者; 在一些國家種植大量的樹木和許多許多.....

The Faith & Commitment 不離不棄不捨的誓言 to serve the poorest, the unwanted, the sick, the hungry, the wounded, the unloved, the thirsty, the homeless...

 The Faith & Commitment.不離不棄不捨的誓言 to serve the poorest, the unwanted, the sick, the hungry, the wounded, the unloved, the thirsty, the homeless...

Sunshine Action Ltd is only based in Hong Kong & This is the only official Website.