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We are working, actively participate in open communication, cooperation, teamwork, and leadership programs with our volunteers and donors. It is a process of discovery, where the goal of SUNSHINE ACTION is to simultaneously raise the awareness about poverty in our society and at the same time, combining with our specially designed Leadership & Team-Building programs.

  852-6888 4028sunshine@sunshine-action.org


耀陽行動 Sunshine Action created the first SUNSHINE LEADERSHIP & TEAM BUILDING EVENT for corporations such as BLOOMBERG TV 彭博新聞社...

This is a merge of Charity & Financial approaches to help the disadvantaged group in Cha Kwo Ling village and a ...totally mind-blowing new experience.

Sunshine Team building is a philosophy of tasks designed in which players need to complete all tasks to help the poor people and learning from this process.

Sunshine Team Dynamics:
- The team member: Successful teams are made up of a collection of effective individuals. These are people who are creative, with strong leadership personality, have problem solving ability, are open to addressing the problem, and are action-efficiency oriented.

  852-6888 4028sunshine@sunshine-action.org

Team relationships: For a team to be successful the members of the team must be able to have a great synergy.

Team problem solving: How the team solves the obstacles to reach the ultimate goal is based on good leadership and team effort. 

Team leadership: Effective team leadership depends on leadership competencies. A competent leader is: focused on the goal, ensures a collaborative climate, builds confidence of team members, sets priorities, demonstrates sufficient “know-how” and manages performance through feedback.

Organizational environment: The climate and culture of the organization must be conducive to team behavior.

Objectives of the tasks

- Help you to identify the good leadership skills?

- How is the employee engagement doing in your company?

- How to build the team spirit to achieve the goals set

- How your team would react in a strange environment?

- How can motivate creativity in problem-solving?

and many many more.... !


...much more excited & meaningful than 'the Amazing Race'!!!


  852-6888 4028sunshine@sunshine-action.org

Sharing section in BLOOMBERG 彭博 headquarter about CHARITY EXPERIENCE!!!

Promoting about SUNSHINE ACTION - Sponsorship on Congenital Heart Disease Children Surgery

To read more... CHD Children

In BLOOMBERG AsiaPacific Headquarter, with CEO Mr. Peter Grauer and co-host Mia Saini

Bloomberg volunteers have been visiting the homeless with us since 2010:

HOMELESS PROGRAM : http://www.sunshine-action.org/ourwork/Homeless.html


Corporation Donation from the specific minimum amount, you can add the corporation logo as Sunshine Action local program's premium sponsor.

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ICAP Charity Day



Ms. 戚美珍 (三嫂) helping to answer the phone calls & fund raising for Sunshine Action.

The Faith & Commitment.不離不棄不捨的誓言 to serve the poorest, the unwanted, the sick, the hungry, the wounded, the unloved, the thirsty, the homeless...

Sunshine Action Ltd is only based in Hong Kong & This is the only official Website.