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Become a Sunshine Ambassador!

    If you want to see your effort turn into direct action, join us! We are looking for committed secondary school and university students. As a Sunshine Ambassador, you will:

    Extend the reputation of Sunshine Action at your institution
    Gather volunteers and promote Sunshine Action events
    Create and lead your own projects that help the local community
    Learn more about the workings of a charity organisation

We need YOU because Sunshine Action’s efficient model means that it is only run by volunteers and one core staff, while benefiting the most people simultaneously.

Please contact Adrian Yan at ambassador@sunshine-action.org or (+852) 5544 9656 if you are interested. We hope to hear from you soon!

The evolution of the Sunshine Ambassadors 耀陽大使

Since few years, there were few thousands of students who came across with Sunshine Action 耀陽行動 but I barely know 99% of their names and only very few are called the Sunshine Ambassadors 耀陽大使, who not only represent Sunshine Action , but also capture a significant portion of the heart of Sunshine Action .

I work with IB students from Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and students from Hong Kong University both undergraduate & Master Degree interns, some now become alumni and working adults.

    In 2020-2021, I continue to work with IB primary schools and other local DSE schools.

    From June 2019, WIS & KGV created the Sunshine Action Club and recruiting more Sunshine Ambassadors in Secondary Schools.

    Sunshine Ambassador Adrian -who received the highest full 45 scores from IB graduation- is now entering the University of Warwick UK. He agreed to work with me about establishing the first overseas Sunshine Action Club. and will recruit Sunshine Ambassadors in overseas. He created the first Sunshine Action Club in Discovery College 3 years ago.

Sunshine Ambassadors
    Sunshine Ambassador from the Master Degree of HKU, Melo is now helping to cooperate with the organization in Zhaoqing China while having a full-time job in the banking industry.

    Sunshine Action 耀陽行動 is probably the only organization that do this type of follow up in different levels of education in term of charitable programs, specially to at least 14 UN Sustainable Goals for the humanity. This is the real SUSTAINABLE GLOBAL IMPACT we will be working hard in the coming years.

☀耀陽行動☀Sunshine Action – The Origin of Sunshine Ambassadors & 10 years plan

The origin of Sunshine Ambassadors 耀陽大使 program comes from the first international school Bradbury School contacted me to cooperate about 5 years ago, because Sunshine Action is one of the few organizations in Hong Kong that welcome volunteers from 5-85 years young.... then I counted that there were students from total 26 international schools have contacted me asking about answers to their assignments, suggestions, opinion, presentation, cooperation, etc.. Also, 3 years ago, the University of Hong Kong found me to supervise their Master Degree students and each of them have to stay in my office learning & assisting me for at least 200 hours.

HKU Med Students

Sunshine Action is the World's Smallest Charity Org, we used to be 2 -founded by Sunny & Alfred- reduced to be me alone in last 4 years after my partner got seriously ill -You CAN’T be smaller than one- I created the programs in Sunshine Action , so naturally, I deal with many parties, including partner org in Hong Kong and around the world. corporates, volunteers, schools & students, donors, special beneficiary cases, manufacturers & suppliers, international groups, etc.. and even when I welcome students to contact me, I would need to find more efficient communication channels for them.

3 years ago, I starting to find at least 2 Sunshine Ambassadors per International schools, so they could completely represent Sunshine Action ... so, the purpose will be I only need to hear from 30 instead of 300 Students per year. From 2019, I would like to work with very selective small teams of 4-6 IB students or University students per institution.

The first Sunshine Action CLUB was created in Discovery College in 2017 and second year, there are more than 30 members and this clubs concept will be expanded hopefully in different international schools. This is not a program that could only carry in Hong Kong, but everywhere else around the World. This means even if you are not in Hong Kong, but you have the intention of becoming a Sunshine Ambassador or establishing the Sunshine Action Club somewhere else, we welcome you to discuss with us.

The Sunshine Ambassadors program is a 10 years strategic plan of Sunshine Action

Ambassadros Group 2020

Why Sunshine Action ?

    Sunshine Acton is probably the only charity organization in the World that has such diversity of programs under one umbrella of Poverty Relief. Assisting from food, construction, medicine, etc… to all sort of targets such as elderly, single parents, the handicapped, the severely sick, poor children, etc... and covering both environmental tree planting programs, restocking the ocean and helping stray dogs too. There are endless possibilities to develop and we are a highly flexible charity organization. We have cooperated with over 400 charity organizations in 18 countries worldwide
    Sunshine Action is not an average organization that is interested only in asking you to donate or volunteering. In Sunshine Action , you could seriously learn a lot on other areas such as Compassion, Human Sensitivity, Project Management, Strategic Planning, Marketing & Promotion, Social Communication Skills, Funds & Resources-Raising, Business Negotiation Skills, Multi-layers Leadership, Legal Aspects, Import & Export, Multinational Culture learning, Public Relationship & Communication, Organizational Skills, Team Building & Management, Global Environment & understanding and many more…from real-life projects –instead of theory- with the final purpose of training leaders capable in create true positive impacts for the benefit of humanity, sustainability of the resources in this planet and charity to the poor.
    Being Sunshine Ambassadors , it’s a life-long advantage of being connected to the Sunshine Action Network, you could meet, interview and learn from VIPs of different fields, from politic, finance, legal, etc… and have the responsibility to connect other Sunshine Ambassadors and cooperate in different projects globally in the future.
    Sunshine Action could be the only charity organization that will back you up on background-check from major multi-national corporations, help to boost & promote your future career and even if you are being accused of a crime, the organization could consider to issue the official Certification or Mitigation Letter to the judge, specifying your contribution to the society. Of course, all these depends on how much you have contributed to Sunshine Action as Sunshine Ambassadors and also the nature of the crime. Sunshine Action has issued only 3 letters of this type in the last 10 years. One of them was requested by a mother for his son who volunteered previously.
    Sunshine Action welcome creative & innovative ideas in the charity field and give you the freedom to create your own project and proposal. We support the Sunshine Ambassadors during the planning, coordination and execution of these approved projects. So, you don’t need to always only follow Sunshine Action own original programs, but have this rare freedom almost non-existing in others charity organizations.

SUNSHINE ACTION would express the HIGHEST GRATITUDE to the students who have joined Sunshine Action events from Summer 2019 – AUG 2020, including the SUNSHINE AMBASSADORS & the SUNSHINE ACTION CLUB members This is the period with the biggest crisis in Hong Kong & worldwide and we recognize the efforts done by some of the students from the following schools

    1-Arts University Bournemouth 伯恩茅斯藝術大學
    2-Bradbury School ESF 白普理小學
    3-Brunel University, 布魯內爾大學
    4-Carmel School 香港猶太教國際學校
    5- Canadian International School 加拿大國際學校
    6-Cardiff Sixth Form College, UK
    7-Diocesan Boys' School 拔萃男書院
    8-Diocesan Girls’ School 拔萃女書院
    9-Discovery College ESF 智新書院
    10-Durham University 杜倫大學, UK
    11-Elsa High School 艾莎國際中學
    12-George Washington University 喬治華盛頓大學
    13-Hang Seng University of Hong Kong 香港恒生大學
    14-Holy Family Canossian College 嘉諾撒聖家書院
    15-Hong Kong International School 香港國際學校
    16-Hong kong University 香港大學
    17-Keele University 基爾大學
    18-King George V ESF School 英皇佐治五世學校
    19-Li Po Chun United World College 李寶椿聯合世界書院
    20-Mercersburg Academy
    21-Our Lady of the Rosary College 聖母玫瑰書院
    23-Poly University of HKG 香港理工大學
    24-Queen Mary University of London 瑪麗王后學院
    25-Renaissance College ESF 啓新書院
    26-Singapore International School (HK) 新加坡國際學校
    27-South Island School 南島中學
    28-St. Andrews University 聖安德魯斯大學, UK
    29-St. Paul's Co-educational College 聖保羅男女中學
    30-Tung Wah College 東華學院
    31-United World College Maastricht
    32-Univ. of Toronto 多倫多大學, Canada,
    33-University of Amsterdam 阿姆斯特丹大學, Holland
    34-Univ. of Northumbria 諾桑比亞大學
    35-University of Warwick 華威大學, UK
    36-Waterloo University 滑鐵盧大學, Canada
    37-West Island School ESF 西島中學,
    38-Yew Chung International School 耀中國際學校
    39- YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College 港青基信書院
    … and maybe more that I missed, apologies! Sunny


Sunshine Action Ltd is only based in Hong Kong & This is the only official Website.

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